Inspiring Young Minds at

Risidale Primary School

Where learning meets tradition in a nurturing environment fostering personal growth and success


Comprehensive academic curriculum ensuring holistic development.

Sports & Fitness

Promoting physical health and teamwork through sports activities.

Cultural Enrichment

Exploring creativity and cultural diversity through various artistic avenues.

Our Vision

Vision to develop learners with the requisite skills, knowledge, values and attitudes so that they are empowered to be productive and responsible citizens in all areas of life.

Holistic Education

Empowering children beyond academics through sports, culture, and essential life skills.

Diverse Community

Bringing together a range of students to prepare them for a dynamic, multicultural society.

Focused Discipline

Guiding children to understand behavior and interactions while feeling secure and valued.

Our Mission

To serve the best interests of learners, educators, parents and the adjacent community.

To provide a holistic education founded in a culture of being excellent at what we do

To encourage participation in extra-mural activities and instil a sense of sportsmanship

To promote a partnership between learners, parents and educators

To encourage parent and community involvement in a wide range of school events

To cultivate an environment where staff are developed and derive a sense of job satisfaction.

To develop and maintain school infrastructure for the betterment of learners.

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